CodeXchange was established in 1996 by European linguists and localizers, and is a registered company in Taiwan, catering to the needs of the island's ever-growing information industry as well as European and US companies entering the Asian market place.

CodeXchange features a core work force of localization specialists, under European management, controlling a network of experienced translators and software engineers.

We take a different approach at the software business, serving the industry with personalized localization services in all major European and Asian languages. Unlike the large software localization houses dominating the market, CodeXchange offers advice and guidance from the inception and throughout the localization process. Our expertise, combined with our dynamic and flexible structure are the key to a more personal and customer-oriented service.

Our clients

We work regularly with many of the major IT companies in Taiwan, and/or their final OEM customers.

IBM, Dell, HP, Acer, Lexmark, Cisco, Symantec, Philips, Novell, Sony, Siemens,... Please contact us for more details.

We also collaborate with several LSP and MLV in China and Europe.