Documentation for localization


Localization is the process of adapting a software or a product (source locale) for use in another country (target locale).

This can mean changing names, dates, colors, icons, cultural, historical and geographical references, etc., for a specific language or culture.

A clear, precise source text is essential for a smooth translation.

Even with professionals, a poor translation can result if source files contain incorrect grammar, inconsistent usage, or concocted terminology.

Documentation should also be written for localization, and for an international audience. This will save time and reduce costs.
We can help you streamline your documents, to produce shorter, more concise texts, with correct and consistent terminology.

It is often possible to reduce contents in a manual or a guidebook by 30%, without losing any important information. If translation is needed in 10 languages, this can be a huge time- and money-saver.

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