Localization - L10n services

What is L10n?

Localization is often abbreviated as L10n (10 as the number of letters between L-n).

Other standard terms are I18n - internationalization and G11n - globalization.

Software localization

L10n is our specialization. The process varies depending on the scope and, technicality of the project, and the format of the files available, but can include, all or some of the following steps:

Web site localization

We are always a bit surprised when agencies, and especially when freelance translators, advertize "web sites translation". Our first reaction is, do you translate "books" too?

The technical side of web sites translation is easy to deal with. Our translators work with tools that can handle HTML, XML, ASP, and other standard formats/codes used to write and design web pages.

The content is of course very different - there are web sites about everything (like books in a library), and sites about formula one, oenology, acupuncture, water pumps or video games will need to be localized by different people with different interests and skills.

We will first check carefully your site contents to be able to select the best translators available to reproduce your site accurately in different languages.

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